Task: Development of an entertaining and exciting activity program as part of a product launch.

Goal: To deepen the product information provided in the field service in a playful and sustainable way and to release a highly motivated team into the market.

Concept: Multimedia-supported scavenger hunt – based on a specially created story in the style of the Dan Browns ‚The Da Vinci Code‘, the historical destination of Malta was explored in the context of the product.

Story: The secret active ingredient formula of the new preparation that is supposed to bring so much salvation to humanity has ominously disappeared and seems lost forever. But the field sales team doesn’t give up.

The trail leads to the small Mediterranean island of Malta. But there you come across a wall of silence. What do the Knights of the Order of Malta, who laid the foundation for modern medicine, know? What role do your Grand Master and the legendary Book of the Hospitallers play?

The sales force sets out on a search together and suddenly finds themselves in an almost impenetrable labyrinth of ancient science and intrigue. What is reality and what is imagination? Who is trying to prevent the introduction and why?

Will perseverance, ingenuity and the assistance of their experienced command officer be enough to solve the mystery and finally deliver the medicine to those who are eagerly waiting for it?

Our services: concept, storyboard, organization, programming of multimedia applications, realization.Ziel: Beim Außendienst spielerisch und nachhaltig die vermittelten Produktinformationen zu vertiefen und ein hochmotiviertes Team in den Markt zu entlassen.