The task: motivating four-day sales incentive with a conference part.

The goal: A unique annual incentive that highlights the core competencies of sales and encourages them to continually train.

The concept: In order to be successful on the market, your senses must be sharpened. The winners of the annual incentive are sent by the management on an expedition to Morocco in a trailer in order to find the oasis of the senses there and sharpen their senses. To find the hidden clues, participants will have to haggle hard with the locals in the souk, ride camels, explore the Atlas Mountains in a four-wheel drive jeep, climb the most remote corners by mule and understand the alchemy of the Bedouins before discovering the ‚ „Oasis of the Senses“ and be rewarded for their efforts in Marrakech’s palaces with a celebration like in 1001 Nights.

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