The task: KickOff annual meeting for the entire field service.

The goal: motivation by focusing on the essentials.

The concept: In order to focus on the essentials, we go to the cradle of modern medicine with the 650-strong pharmaceutical sales force: Malta, the long-standing home of the Order of St. John. An inspiring opening plenum will take place in the MCC, the former hospital of the Johanniter, where basic methods such as hygiene became one of the decisive advantages in defending the island against overwhelming opponents. In the room, which is only 11 meters wide but over 100 meters long, necessity is made into a virtue and stands and a catwalk are set up in order to counteract the usual static frontal presentations with a new format.

During the subsequent team building for the 650 participants, they explore the smallest country in the EU in different ways in teams based on topics.

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